All About Aarti

Aarti always wanted to be either a lawyer or a writer. So she tossed a coin and picked writer. Or rather, it picked her. Since then, she has valiantly struggled to put words to paper and bring characters and stories alive that make people sigh and laugh and enjoy every moment of.

She has studied Journalism from Mumbai University, Creative Writing at Deakin, and considers herself a student of life. She has a novel out “White Knight” with Leadstart Publishing and is part of the Rupa Anthology “An Atlas Of Love”.

Her three favorite words are, Happy-Ever-After and she has found her own HEA writing contemporary romance thrillers for Harlequin India and historical romances for Knox Robinson Publishing. She also hopes to write EVERYTHING else that she can think of, one day, including the answer to that great question: What comes before? The Chicken or the Egg.

And she LOVES talking to her pals so you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even right here. Her email addy is, if you wish to e her.

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