Friday, July 18, 2014

The Spectacular Nowness of Life

This post will be a little brief because I am posting it from my mobile. 

Recently I stumbled across a lovely And inspiring initiative by Debdatta Sahay, of b00k Reviews, successful owner a professional book-reviewing site where in she expands on the necessity to have an International Author's Day. A day that celebrates the lovely union between readers and writers, fact and fiction and gives us all a common platform to come together on. This is my small attempt to contribute to her initiative. And as part of IAD I am giving away a Short Story called "The Woman Who Loved Too Much" written by yours truly, ages ago.

The best thing about being a writer? You get to live in your head. Create stories, characters, PEOPLE, worlds. And not just once but as many times as you want. When life sucks, as it often does, disappear into that amazing beach shack in your head and start typing or scribbling or whatever mode you use to put your thoughts down. 

The Spectacular Nowness of Life provides a writer with limitless fodder to keep writing. Be they stories, novels or books. And the more you write, the better you will get at it, I promise you. Practice ONLY makes you better! 

A published author will tell you how difficult it is to capture this Nowness in the middle of Tweeting, Posting, Networking and talking the work up when one should be working. I do the same too, nowadays. 

I let life pass me by in all its spectacular nowness without putting it down in my head or an empty Word Document. It's a shame. It is not how I want to be. 

So on this International Author's Day, I am going to choose the work, over the work. Write. Fulfill those dreamy stories that keep popping into my head and give them voice. It doesn't make me less than a published author, but it sure does make a Writer who writes Now. 

And writing. Yeah, that matters. It's taken me 27 years to remember that. All over again. 

I hope you do too. 

Till next time

Aarti V Raman aka Writer Gal

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