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TORNADO GIVEAWAY Author#13: Jennifer Hayward (Harlequin US)

The immensely talented Jennifer Hayward has graciously agreed to share her most favorite scene from "The Truth About Decampo" with Writer Gal. How cool (and hot) is that! It definitely, makes me want to read the book! Doesn't it, y'all?  Xx Writer Gal

‘Gambling is a miscalculation.’ He levered himself up off his elbows. ‘Like me betting on the fact that you don’t want me to kiss you right now when you absolutely do.’
‘I don’t,’ she whispered, her palms going sweaty as he leaned toward her.
‘Liar,’ he murmured, cupping her jaw in his fingers, his gaze locked on hers. ‘You wanted me to kiss you last night and you want me to kiss you now.’
‘To which you did the smart thing and walked away,’ she protested weakly.
‘Yes, but last night you’d had a bottle of wine. Tonight you’re sober.’
‘Matteo—this is—’
‘Just a kiss…’ he murmured, bending his dark head toward her. She sucked in a breath, sure that wasn’t going to be an adequate description. The slow, easy slide of his mouth across hers, like he had all the time in the world, was so unlike the urgent, rough caresses Julian had always started with it rocked her world. Then he did it again and again, until she was craving a firmer contact. Needing it. Her fingers curled into the soft jersey of his t-shirt, steadying herself, urging him on, she wasn’t sure which.
He made a low sound under his breath, angled his mouth over hers and took the kiss deeper, exploring every centimeter of her lips with a sensual thoroughness that turned her into a mindless pile of flesh, his to command. She had never known it could be like this—so deliciously intoxicating, so obviously meant to arouse and enjoy; not to dominate. Here on the top of the mountain, in a place like heaven, where nothing and no one else existed, she never wanted it to end.
‘Matteo—’ The word sounded so breathless and needy she could hardly believe it was coming from her. He reached down, captured her hand and brought it to the back of his head. Invited her closer. The wiry coarseness of his hair beneath her fingertips was undeniably male, the teasing pressure of his tongue against the corner of her mouth tantalizing. She knew if she let him in it was going to be another mind-bending demonstration of what she’d been missing. But she did it anyway because she couldn’t resist.
Big mistake.  It was hot and never ending.
She never wanted it to end.

The husky word pulled from Matteo’s throat penetrated her consciousness with the force of a hammer. He dragged his lips across her cheek and rested his forehead against hers. ‘Now might be a good time to stop.’

13th July, 2014

Jennifer Hayward is the 13th Author in the Tornado Giveaway.She has decided to give 5 copies of her book to 5 lucky winners. To enter the Giveaway, see the bottom of this post. To see all the books that are part of the Tornado Giveaway - Click Here


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Matteo De Campo: every woman's wildest fantasy and the man looking to secure a multimillion-dollar deal with her family's company

Desperate to prove herself once and for all, Quinn Davis finally has the power to make this ultimate, impartial decision—which means she must not fall prey to De Campo's enticing appeal!

But Matteo will not be denied. She knows he needs his wine empire to be chosen to overwrite his recent mistakes. But when Quinn glimpses the true demons behind his smoldering gaze, she questions everything….

Just who is the real Matteo De Campo? Quinn Davis is about to find out!


JENNIFER HAYWARD has been a fan of romance since filching her sister’s novels to escape her teenaged angst. Her career in journalism and PR, including years of working alongside powerful, charismatic CEOs and traveling the world, has provided perfect fodder for the fast-paced, sexy stories she likes to write, always with a touch of humour. A native of Canada’s gorgeous East coast, Jennifer lives in Toronto with her Viking husband and young Viking-in-training.

To know more about her :  Blog | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter

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