Thursday, March 6, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Adite Banerjie's "The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal"


Debutant romance novelist Adite Banerjie’s bio reads that she has always been fascinated by the high drama found in Bollywood movies. So, I kind of knew what to expect as I read the back blurb on “The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal” and a cutesy cover to go with it. It is about a woman hell-bent on revenge and willing to go to any lengths to destroy her enemy. Even marry his devastatingly handsome son. A tried and tested (and discarded) cliché, right?
Well, yes.
But, no, too!
For Adite’s Maya Shome (again, weird last name) is no ordinary, vengeful angel. For one she is a trained landscape designer, and I have not read a more different and fascinating profession in recent times. Except, perhaps in Scott Hutchins’ ‘A Working Theory of Love’. Yes, she is svelte and luscious; she is an M&B heroine; she can’t be the Wicked Witch of the West. But Maya knows her roses from her daffodils and is spunky to boot. A hard-to-resist woman.
Krish Dev, the DH Hero, certainly seems to think so as he first spies her at the British High Commissions’ gardens in Delhi, directing a crew in cut-offs that showcase her coltish legs. Although I found the idea of a young, attractive woman ordering about a bunch of men wearing skimpy clothing in broad daylight ring just a bit false, there was no denying the impact that young Maya made on him. Nor the general impact of the scene. Add in, his authoritarian charm (like a true M&B hero) and you have a Hottie McHotelier who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
He sends flunkies to find out about the delectable gardener and makes her a part of his evening’s entertainment.
Maya herself has reasons for attending this society gala but finds herself tangoing with a divine man who turns her world upside down a few minutes later, when he introduces her as his fiancé to his all-powerful, controlling father, KD.
AKA Maya’s archenemy and the object of her hatred.
How this impulsive moment blossoms into a lifelong love forms the rest of this well-crafted romance.
In the beginning, the DH Krish comes across as cold-blooded and just a bit spoilt; he is later on revealed to have his own demons that he has still not successfully quelled. And he has surprising pockets of vulnerability and need. A classic Alpha Male hallmark. I felt for Krish Dev, confused groom and dutiful-but-rebellious son.
It is also very clear from Banerjie’s writing that she knows her flowers and her people. And Delhi (why does everyone write about Delhi!) and the small town of Howrah have also been evocatively described. It is also equally clear that the Indian Tycoon and his spunky-but-soft hearted Maya have a lot of internal and external conflict that plays out well over the course of the story. The plot too is watertight, even though, a jarring note was the notion of a young Maya (she is only 23) waitressing in a pub in Delhi. Does that really happen, Adite?
And, needless to say, the passion between the two headstrong lovers simmers just below the surface until it explodes on a cozy four-poster bed in a wonderful idyll called Deovan.
Maybe, I have given away too much, maybe not enough, all I can say in conclusion is Adite Banerjie’s “The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal” has it all: heart, heartbreak, laughter and passion to make it a successful and inspiring debut on the traditional M&B romance scene. I personally can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.
A definite recommend to readers and fans alike.
 VERDICT: A sexy stiletto of a  read!                                                                                                                 

Aarti V Raman aka Writer Gal.


  1. When Aarti V writes reviews, she really writes 'em! I've read The Indian Tycoon and enjoyed it quite as much as you did, only I couldn't have said it as well as you have!

  2. A damn good review Aarthi... Your reveiw itsefl is oozing with the 'oomph' factor. Love this review...

  3. Impressed, your Royal Highness. It's a gem of a review. Wonder if Adite herself would have been able to write such a wonderful review for her own book.

  4. Thank you all of you! I am not a professional reviewer. I just talk from the heart :) But HUGS!