Saturday, March 22, 2014

Musings .3

I remember being happy with you
I remember the smell of fresh-cut roses
Of warm sunshine that I basked in
Of a love that I was utterly certain of
Now all that is gone
In ashes and smoke and dust and blood
Some my own, some yours
Some lost in the burial ground of our dreams
I remember those fleeting moments,
Of looking at you and knowing
This is it!
This is what I have been looking for
And now knowing
A lifetime later
What I wanted
What I needed
Was not the smell of fresh-cut roses
Or a promise of unending love
Or a lifetime of terrible, consuming happiness
But to just live
So I can be happy again
With you

- Writer Gal 


  1. Ah! To value what you have because you never know what tomorrow takes away! So poignant! Is that going to happen in Kingdom Come? Please no!

  2. Dear dear Reet, it is not about valuing what you is about missing what you don't and Kingdom Come is about both :) But this poem is not KC :)