Saturday, March 29, 2014

Talking On Corners with Reet Singh (Mills and Boon Indian Author)

 She is a surgeon and my first Writing Pal. She writes in her "spare time" or so she has me believe and she thinks while driving, which makes her a Super-Driver! She entered the Mills and Boon Passions Writing Contest last year and WON it with aplomb and grace, as the phrase goes. And her Valentine' Day debut Mills and Boon novel "Scorched by His Fire" is garnering rave reviews across romance readers! Ladies and gentlemen, meet the lovely, the talented, REET SINGH!!

Dear Aarti V Raman. Thank you so much for inviting me over. I am honored and excited!

Me too, Reet! It's always good to have friends over for a chat! So, let's start chatting, shall we?

1. Who is your favorite author? 
PG Wodehouse – there is none as can compare! He is clever, naughty, tongue-in-cheek, and can make me laugh over a 100-times per book.

2. Name one book you REALLY do not like. 
Um...cannot remember, which probably means I haven't met it yet.

3. What is the curse word you use most often when writing? 
'Hell', though my editor cleans it out, so I'm trying to find a decent but equally effective substitute!

4. What instrument do you use to write? 
My finely tuned brain...oh, alright! My Dell Inspiron 15.

5. What part of day (or night) do your creative juices flow most? 
Just before I fall asleep at night, which means I'm at risk of forgetting it all in the morning... Or while I'm driving.

6. What inspires you to write? 
The power and excitement of being in control of destiny – not my own, sadly, but that of my main characters.

7. Imitate-Kill-Date: Three authors from any genre.
 Imitate: Richard Gordon, because he was a surgeon (like me) and he wrote fabulous medical comedy. Kill: PG Wodehouse, because he is the best; his stories have as many twists and turns as Lord Emsworth's pig does! Date: Steve Martin (Born Standing Up; An Object of Beauty). It would be a laugh a minute date!

8. Which character from your book or any other would you go out on a romantic date with? 
Krivi, hahaha!

9. When you're not writing you are..... 
Virtual social networking, these days, though there was a time I watched Romedy, read, did crochet, and played online Scrabble.

10. If you woke up tomorrow as JK Rowling you would... 
Shop till I dropped, or at least till I had blown a cool million!

Any last thoughts to your fans and readers. 
I adore my fans and readers. A writer is nothing without them. More power to them. If I must say something, I suppose I would appeal for them to post reviews of the books they love. Reviews are a great way to encourage your favorite authors!

It has been an absolute pleasure having you as the very first 'AUTHOR' ,Talking on Corners with me, Reet. Hope to see a lot of romance and Happily Ever Afters from you. For those of you who want to check out "Scorched by His Fire", you can find it here on Flipkart, Amazon and Infibeam and at your nearest Crossword and Landmark too! 

Till next time,

Aarti V Raman aka Writer Gal.


  1. nice choice of questions and interesting answers. looking forward to more interviews.

  2. Hey, Devika. Reet and I both thank you for stopping by :) Have a great day